• Oxygen O2 For medical uses and welding.

  • Nitrogen N2 – Nitrogen supplies fire suppression as well as providing an inert atmosphere.

  • Carbon Dioxide CO2 Used in carbonated soft drinks within the food and beverage industry.

  • Argon Ar – Argon supplies for welding as well as providing an inert atmosphere

  • Acetylene C2H2 Acetylene supplies for welding

  • Helium He – Helium supplies for medical equipment as well as balloons.

  • Hydrogen H2 Used in the production of synthetic ammonia and methanol, petroleum refining, hydrogenation of organic substances and oxyhydrogen torches.

  • Nitrous Oxide N2O – Used in propellants for whipped topping and anesthesia.

  • Propane C3H8 Fuel for heat and gas grills.
  • Freon – (And other chlorofluorocarbons) Coolants for air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers

  • Mixed Gases and Specialty Gases.

The above-mentioned products are sold as liquid and packaged gases.

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